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We are an organisation that helps to link both the homeless to charities that provide shelter, as well as volunteers to opportunities around London.

Our Charities

Established in 2007, Shelter from the Storm offers free emergency night shelter and meals for up to 42 homeless people 365 days a year. Located in Kings Cross London, the self-funded organisation welcomes all guests in need of help, regardless of their status.As well as having a bed to sleep in and food to eat, Shelter from the Storm enforces the simple ritual of eating dinner all together in the evening. Whether it be a doctor or employment, the volunteers strive to offer the best support and advice required to prepare their guests for the next step.For further information to find out how you can help, please visit, or simply donate here.
Operating for 40 years, The Single Homeless Project provides support and accomodation to thousands of people accross over 20 London boroughs. This progressive organisation's primary focus is on housing 'single homeless'. These are individuals whom local councils are not required by law to provide housing for, as this aid is reserved for homeless families with children. With homelessness at its highest since 2010, Single Homeless Project has an important role to play in providing care and housing to those in need. Please visit their website to find out more about their strategy and how you can get involved , or simply donate here .
Founded in 1979, St Mungos helps thousands of people accross London and the South of England. This organisation has come a long way since opening their first hostel in a former Marmite Factory, and their impact has been phenomenal. In the effort of keeping their guests healthy, housed and hopeful, this organisation strives to include their guests in their work whereever possible. Alongside providing food, support, housing and care, St Mungos focuses particularly on Mental Health and how to best support the drawbacks that surround it. If you need any additional information or would like to get involved please visit their website, or simply donate here .
Thames Reach is a London based organisation helping homelessness and individuals in risk of becoming homeless since 1984. With a philosophy to never give up on anyone, Thames Reach specialises in supporting people with complex needs such as mental health issues or drug abuse problems. Thames Reach projects are widely spread out accross London and taylored to specific services. Whether it be employment advice or hostels, their website indicates the best service to suit your requirements. 20% of this organisation's workforce is made up of homeless people, showing their commitment to every person seeking support from Thames Reach. To find out more, please visit or simply donate here.
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